Wind Power Industry:Entering the wind power industry in 2006, Zhejiang Hetong Metal Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in production of anchor rings (pedestals) of wind driven generators. The company, on the basis of the conventional anchor rings, has developed and researched novel products. Moreover, it greatly reduces the product price while keeping the original product performance and ensures convenient product transportation and installation. From 2006 to 2009, all of its products were sold aboard, winning unanimous approval from overseas customers. The company obtained a national patent certificate of product design in April 2009 (Patent No.: ZL20082 0126404.5).
Floor Cleaning Vehicle and Auto Industries:Since its establishment, the company has made good achievements in the field of floor cleaning vehicle accessories, winning unanimous approval from new and old customers in the aspects of development strength of new products and product quality. It can complete the mating design well from small parts of several centimeters to big car-frames of almost two meters at the fastest speed according to operating requirements of customers.
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