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Corporate Culture
Corporate Tenet: Quality Assurance, Efficiency Promotion, Credit Service
Corporate Spirit: Firm, Persistent, Progressive, Studious
Corporate Philosophy: Pursue customers¡¯ requirements
Corporate Management Target: Orderly, Efficient, Pragmatic, Innovative
Human Resource Management: People-oriented£¡Talent is the first productivity.

Staff Declaration
I am proud of being a member of Hetong, and will shoulder the task of thriving Hetong.
I sincerely promise to constantly pursue perfection and create excellence.
Grateful to the company, Hetong is a place to show my abilities.
My honor and dignity come from Hetong, and diligence and dedication are my reward to the company.
I will make full use of passion and wisdom in working to bring Hetong vitality and energy.
In a time full of competition and challenge, I may drop behind and be eliminated at any time. But there is no excuse in life, and there is no excuse for my failure.

I should be a qualified member in Hetong team, and keep learning and innovating.
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